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Sunday, February 1, 2015



1st came....
Then came.....

Sooooooo excited I just received my second voxbox. It just happens to be the #vssportbra voxbox courtesy of @Influenster. Inside this box is magic!!!!

Ok so it's more like a fabulousness. Inside my box was 10- 25% off 1 sport item coupons. I shared these with friends and all the ladies at work, because everyone loves Vicky's.

When I received my box I was concerned that maybe I didn't fill out the size right but everything looked great once I put it on. Lol!!! As you can see below. Now to test it and get my workout on!

So my experience with this voxbox was amazing. Not only was the product a name brand that consumers like myself know and are comfortable with, but the product is good quality and made to last. The sportbra was pink :-) lightweight, comfortable and had a little lift. the cropped yoga pants were light, breathable, and made of great material. Overall experience is I will be using my coupon to purchase more items. 

So one of my missions from Influenster was to visit a Victoria Secret Store and review. So I took one of the handy dandy 25% off 1 sport item coupons that I received in my #vssportbra #voxbox and redeemed it at my local store in the mall close to where I live.

I did share the rest of the coupons with the ladies I work with and my children's daycare teacher who is in love with Victoria Secret products.

I went to Victoria's Secret store. First impression, wow! I wish I looked like the angels who's posters are out front in the window, maybe I can purchase something here and it'll transform me! Lol:-)

My mall's Victoria's Secret is smaller than many. There was limited selection. Thank goodness I'm a size 2 in pants because they don't have many bigger sizes. Anyways I tried on a few things. The ladies who work there helped me with what I was looking for. I ended up buying the new mesh back tank. Thank goodness I had a coupon. A $36 holy no sleeve shirt I got for around $27. I will say I'm in love with the lime green color tho.

So my overall experience was great. I cant wait to see my next voxbox.

This is a sponsored blog post. Influenster provided me with complimentary Victoria's Secret products to test and review as part of a contest.

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