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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Review of Chalk Markers by Colore

This product is a great alternative to dry erase markers. 

The kids love it!!!!
My kids have enjoyed reviewing this product for mommy by drawing on their dry/wet erase boards. It's very simple if they mess up to just wipe it away. It also come easily off of their little hands!

I love it!!!
The aspect I love about the product would have to be the "chalk" look. I can also use this for various household projects, such as labeling. It comes with 8 markers and has the convenience of both a bullet and chisel point.

If your interested in trying out this product, you can purchase it through Amazon.com HERE.

Disclosure: Reference #: pm274231193c4e40abc64d2f2d8cb6b415.
This product was given courtesy of Giveawayservice.com and Colore to test and review.

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