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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Review of Turmerex Turmeric Capsules by Vitavana

 Turmeric is one of nature's best antibiotics. 
That's right, you heard me, TURMERIC is a natural antibiotic. It has been shown to aid and improve the body's ability to fight infections. It has been used in India and China for thousands of years for medicinal purposes.

Turmeric also builds the body's immune system to aid in fighting infections too. It is also an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant and boosts cognitive function. In other not so clinic words, it boosts your oxygen level and reduces swelling and helps you think clearer. Try taking turmeric if you are prone to migraines.

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           My posted Amazon.com review:
Luckily for me, I had yet to try Turmeric... After, reading some information on the web reading the health benefits of this product and talking with herbalists, I was ready to go! This product is a natural anti-inflammatory, in other words, good-bye Ibuprofen! It also helped me in regards to my joints, I've recently have had a lot of pain in my hands and wrists (carpal tunnel feeling), this product has helped reduce the pain and helped me concentrate on my job, which consists of typing all day long, and my hobby of blogging. This is a great product and I am so pleased it is encased in vegan capsules. I just wished I had known of the immense benefits for fighting cancer. This product might have been able to help my mother fight breast cancer, RIP!

I received this product courtesy of Tomoson for review purposes. However, all opinions are my own.

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