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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

OZ NATURALS- Ancient Orient Rice Enzyme Dermafoliant

Another company that is great for producing naturally made products is OZ NATURALS. The company is located in sunny West Palm Beach, Fl. Their goal is to make products so that everyone can have healthy skin naturally.

Why I love the brand:
  1.  An American company, not that I don't love other countries, but I love the fact that small businesses can profit here in America.
  2. Natural Products 
  3. Not tested on animals
  4. They make products in small batches, so at the most your product is 7 days old when you receive it.
  5. They have a complete line of skincare products 
  6. Works on all skin types, including sensitive
  7. They offer many coupons, discounts and free samples

Here are all the products they offer and coupon codes!!!

Now how about the Rice Enzyme Dermafoliant?

Great product. It is simple to use and leaves my skin feeling refreshed and smooth. It's a very fine ground rice powder that is very gentle on the skin. I also love products that have bamboo in them, as it is great for skin appearance and tightening of pores (refer to KONJAC SPONGE post). The price was also great, you can really get your money's worth. I have used this product 2-3 times per week and I am pleased with the results. This is a great product and so is the entire skin care line offered by OZ NATURALS.

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